Butte Auto Transport Company

Butte Auto Transport Company

As a transportation company, we are happy to provide you with a full range of car transportation services in Butte, MT

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The best way to transport your vehicle

Our main customers were and still are ordinary citizens who need to transfer from 1 to 2 vehicles in different parts of the country.

We transport only on car hauler trucks that can carry up to 10 cars at a time. This type of transportation meets all the needs of our customers, as well as saves time and money.

Thanks to this method we can easily adapt transportation to customer's requirements.

The average cost to ship from $0.40/mile in Butte, MT

This method of transportation is suitable for absolutely any type of vehicle.

We can confidently say that our services are available to all Silver Bow County residents

Our types of trailers in Butte, MT

DA Shipping Auto Transport specializes only in car shipping exclusively by car hauler trailers in Butte and the surrounding area.

We can offer you two types of trailers at the moment.

If you prefer more assurance against damage to your luxury and classic cars which needs protection above all, then a covered car trailer service is the right one for you.

For basic vehicles, we offer open transport is the most common affordable trailer that satisfies customer's desire to transport any type of vehicle also inoperable cars.

  • Open Car Trailer

    Open Car Trailer$$

    Enclosed Car TrailerBasic and affordable Enclosed Car TrailerInsurance included
  • Enclosed Car Trailer

    Enclosed Trailer$$$

    Enclosed Car TrailerSuitable for premium Enclosed Car TrailerInsurance included

Auto transport company near Butte, MT

If you are looking for a company in your area, we can say with confidence that a car shipping company does not have to be in your city or near you. These days, you can get all the information online from the comfort of your home. If you are within a 40-mile radius of Butte, you can get the same services as residents of that city. Just let us know your area or address, and we'll send you a truck driver to pick up your car. For example, the nearby cities of Anaconda , Deer Lodge, Racetrack, Williamsburg, Whitehall, Walkerville, Cardwell and Pipestone are available for transportation at the same prices. We can tell you that Silver Bow County is completely covered by our services.

What types of vehicles we carry

We ship all types of vehicles such as sedans, SUV, pickup, minivans, convertible, motorcycles

  • Sedan


  • SUV


  • Minivan


  • Pickup


Choose our car shipping service

By choosing our car shipping service, you will receive guaranteed and on-time delivery right to your home at competitive prices.

We can tailor our services to suit your needs. For example, we can pick up your car at your home, office, auto dealer, or wherever you need it and deliver it to your specified address.

We have enough experience to deliver your car on time and without any problems

We provide a tracking function because we understand how important it is for our customers.

Car Shipping in Butte, MT
Car shipping in Butte, MT
Auto transport in Butte, MT

Best auto transport in Butte, MT

We are a full-service auto transport company that provides reliable and affordable car shipping services.

We are always ready to implement customized expedited delivery services with a very high level of service.

With our door-to-door service, you don't have to think about where to send cars for further transportation. Our drivers pick up and deliver directly to your home.

Auto Transport in Butte, MT

List of car shipping costs in Butte, MT

Shipping From/ToCar TypesDelivery timeCost
Butte, MT - Spokane, WACoupe1 days $491.40
Butte, MT - San Francisco, CASedan2-3 days $1,045.35
Butte, MT - Norfolk, VASUV4-5 days $1,615.90
Buffalo, NY - Butte, MTMinivan4-5 days $1,862.04
Butte, MT - Boston, MAPickup5-6 days $1,673.68

Successful shipping

Each shipment is individual and limited to days. You can see our successful deliveries to our customers. We make every effort to make every customer happy and satisfied.

Most asked questions

  • How much is it to ship a car in Butte?

    How much does it cost to ship a car? It will be cheaper when hauling an open trailer, and it depends on the type of vehicle you have and the distance you need to haul the car. Prices can range from $0.40/mile to $1.52/mile.

  • Is it worth shipping a car?

    Our recommendation. It's better to trust a company that has experience, and your car will be fully insured. If you drive yourself long distances - it's not a good idea, anything can happen on the road, and in terms of saving money there is not much difference.

  • Can you put stuff in car when shipping?

    Yes, you can put things up to 150 pounds in the trunk or in the back seat. If you want to load a full car, you can negotiate the fee directly with the driver. The amount can range from $100 to $300 to avoid overweight. Please note that the driver is not responsible for your belongings.

  • What does insurance cover?

    Insurance covers your car from minor to major damage all the way through. The driver must inspect your vehicle before loading it and give you a copy of the inspection. If your car has loose parts, they can fly off on the road. If you choose to ship in an open trailer, insurance will not cover these loose or broken parts.

  • What does door-to-door mean in shipping?

    Door-to-door service means that the auto transport company that will transport your vehicle takes responsibility to pick up and deliver the car to the address you want without any additional fees. But the customer has to provide an address where the driver can load or unload the car within 15-30 minutes in a safe and legal manner.

  • What is the fastest car shipping company?

    This question cannot be answered by the name of the company alone. That is why car carrier do not work according to a certain scheme or schedule. But you can choose several transport companies for certain destinations. Well, if you need expedited delivery, you can order it for an extra fee.

  • What does top load mean car?

    Top loading is when the vehicle is loaded at the top of the car hauler truck. This is only possible if you have ordered an open trailer and you need to transport the car over long distances only when the carrier uses a car hauler semi truck with 9-10 cars. The advantages of top loading are that the auto will not get too dirty and is considered to be more protected on the road.

  • What is a Bill of Lading (BOL)?

    This is a very important legal document for the provision of car transport services, on which all the information for both the customer and the driver is set out. Both parties are obliged to comply until the delivery is completed. The document records all information about the vehicle in terms of damage. The document is also used in case of an insurance claim.

  • Can I leave a roof rack on my car?

    If you have roof rack on your vehicle, it will be oversized and may not fit in the trailer. Make sure you remove roof rack from your vehicle before we pick up. If you like to leave it there will be extra charge.

  • Should I be present during pickup and delivery?

    The vehicle owner should be present if possible, but not necessary. Sometimes there are cases when we can do this without the presence of a vehicle owner. Have an alternative party, like a friend or relative, sign on your behalf. We take a picture of the vehicle on pickup and delivery days.

We are a dependable auto shipper in Butte, MT

Using our service is easy! DA Shipping Auto Transport is fully bonded, licensed, and insured.

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