Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

You have questions about shipping cars, we have answers. You will find all the answers. See below the most common topics and more.

Payment / Cancellation Policy

  • Cash on Delivery (COD) - It’s a cash payment you pay truck driver on the day when your car will be delivered. You can pay either with cash, cashier’s check or Money Order. But we don’t accept Personal check. We also require $200 security deposit if you are paying with cash, it should be paid when you are placing an order.

  • Credit and debit card payments are accepted only when placing an order online. Online payment with credit and debit card is not allowed on the day of delivery.

  • You can cancel the order before we find a truck driver for pickup and we deduct transaction fee of $100. If you cancel your order after we find a driver then we deduct transaction fee of $200. If you cancel your order after your car has been picked up then no refund is made.

  • You can change your payment method from cash to credit/debit card only before we find you a truck driver. But you need to call dispatch and phone number is provided in our Contacts page.

  • Security Deposit is required only when paying with cash. It will guarantee to ship the vehicle and reserve a place on our truck for transporting your car.

Personal Items / Insurance

  • Yes, you can put your stuff up to 150 pounds in the trunk or in the backseat. If you want to load a full car, you can negotiate with the driver directly for a certain fee. The amount can range from $100 to $300 to avoid being overweight. Please note that the driver is not responsible for your belongings.

  • The insurance covers your car from minor to major damage all the way. The driver must inspect your car before loading and give you a copy of the inspection. If your car has parts that are loose, they can fly away on the way. If you choose to transport in open trailer the insurance will not cover those loose or broken parts.

  • After the delivery of your car, you must check it for damage in the driver's presence. If you find damage to your car that was not showed when your car was picked up, you must inform the driver after checking. You must mark it on the document Bill of Lading and then sign it. The driver must give you a copy. After that, we will start working on your car to fix this problem.

  • According to company policy, a driver is not responsible for your belongings in the vehicle. He is not obliged to check what is in the vehicle. Also, insurance does not cover your belongings in your vehicle.

Pickup / Delivery

  • We can pick up your vehicle from the date when it’s available for pick up. You need to provide that information when you are placing your order. We deliver your vehicle on the date you choose when you’re placing your order.

  • Yes, you can change your pickup and delivery address, but the address must not be over 15 miles away from your old address. You must report either directly to the driver or to our operator. You must report this at least 2 hours before delivery.

  • No, we don't require title or registration documents to transport your car. If we have any questions regarding your vehicle documents, our office will reach out to you.

  • Vehicle owner should be present if possible, but not necessary. Sometimes there are cases when we can do this without the presence of a vehicle owner. Have an alternative party, like a friend or relative, sign on your behalf. We take a picture of the vehicle on pickup and delivery days.

  • We inspect the vehicle from outside for any body damage or scratches. The driver doesn’t make any inspection inside the car: interior, the engine or mechanical part. The inspection takes less than 5 minutes to go around the vehicle and check for damages and scratches. Inspection helps to avoid unnecessary questions from the client after delivery.

  • You understand that your car goes long way on open trailer. Sometimes due to the long trip and weather condition on the way there may be rain, snow or dust and vehicles can get dirty.

Types of Services

  • We provide this service for the convenience of each client. It is enough for the client to show the address from where a vehicle supposed to be picked up and delivered. The truck driver will come to your address as close as possible. But it’s not always possible to get closer to client’s address. The driver must safely park his truck to load and unload the vehicle without blocking the road. If this is not possible, then driver finds the nearest place where he can do it and then informs the client about it. After client is informed they can meet at the specified location.

  • Open trailer is a standard form of transportation through which 80% of cars are transported throughout the country. In such trailer, it does not protect your car from weather conditions and sometimes your vehicle may get dirty. A closed trailer is suitable for more expensive or exclusive cars to protect the vehicle from debris, dust and weather. In such trailer, your vehicle is safe from external factors.

  • Yes, we can pick up your modified and oversized vehicle but there will be extra charge. First, you should send us your vehicle photos then we let you know, we also have to make sure your vehicle fits in our trailer.

  • If you have roof rack on your vehicle, it will be oversized and may not fit in the trailer. Make sure you remove roof rack from your vehicle before we pick up. If you like to leave it there will be extra charge.

  • A truck driver comes to your pickup address, loads on the truck and the same driver delivers to your destination. Sometimes, other drivers may pick it up and delivers another driver to your destination.

  • Open trailer will always be the cheapest way to transport a car. Open trailer often costs 30-50% less than an enclosed trailer.