Car shipping in Montana

Car shipping in Montana

Our main service is to transport cars to any address, even hard-to-reach areas in a state like Montana.

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About the State Of Montana

Montana is the fourth largest state located in the northwestern United States. There are no big cities or crowded places in the state. Only about 1,000,000 people live here, and in terms of low population density, the state is second only to the deserts of Alaska and Wyoming. The state of Montana borders Canada and has a unique natural landscape. The Rocky Mountains and the Great Plains, the picturesque Missouri Bluffs, lakes and glaciers - all this is in the national parks of Montana.

Major routes and areas in MT

Despite the fact that Montana is a large state, there are only a few destinations popular among car carriers - these are the major cities of Billings, Bozeman, Butte and Missoula. The difficulty of delivering cars to Montana lies in the large distance of cities from each other within it, the climatic conditions and the countryside.

For car carriers, the route usually passes through I-90 and I-15 highways. Both of these highways exit at Butte city. Shipping along these routes will be cheaper compared to outlying cities in this state. If your car is delivered or picked up along these routes, then transit will be faster and the price will be low.

Most cities in Montana are far from major highways and are located on rural roads. Therefore, if you need your car to be transported to some distant places (for example, Kalispell, Great Falls, Lewistown, Jordan, Malta etc.), the delivery cost will be much more expensive, because these cities are far from major highways.

Shipping from Montana

Shipping from Montana

Every day, dozens of loaded trucks transport cars from major cities in Montana such as Billing, Missoula, Great Falls, Bozeman, Butte, Helena, Kallispell to other states of America. Despite the fact that there are 50 states in America, there are only dozens of destinations that are popular among drivers. These states rank first in terms of population in the country.

    Popular routes

  • Billings, Montana - Seattle, Washington
  • Butte, Montana - Chicago, Illinois
  • Missoula, Montana - Los Angeles, California
Shipping to Montana

Shipping to Montana

Not many vehicles carry car carriers to Montana from other states. Most carry new cars that are delivered to dealerships for further sale. Popularity among cars that are brought is considered to be cars that have all-wheel drive

    Popular routes

  • Atlanta, Georgia - Butte, Montana
  • Orlanda, Florida - Billings, Montana
  • Tampa, Florida - Missoula, Montana
  • Portland, Oregon - Kalispell, Montana
Shipping car in Missoula

Shipping Details for Montana

Three major major highways run through Montana, connecting it with other states. I-90 and I-94 which run east-west, and I-15 is the main north-south route.

I-90 - starts in Seattle, Washington, and passes through the northern states to the east, passes through the cities of Missoula and Billings, and then heads southeast to South Dakota, then to Iowa, and so on. I-90 is one of the most popular east-west interstates, especially in the northern regions of the United States.

Another major interstate highway, I-15 runs north-south, starting at the Canadian border and heading through Helena, the state capital, then to Idaho, Utah, Nevada, and ending in California. I-15 is commonly used by carriers operating from Los Angeles to Vegas.

The price for delivery of cars to the cities located along these highways will be much lower. You also need to consider the time of year. During the spring and summer, when the weather is nice, transporting a car to or from Montana via I-90 is cheaper and easier. During the winter, prices increase dramatically as fewer people ship cars and the Interstate has a lot of snow along its route.

Cost & delivery time

Cost & delivery time

Shipping rates for vehicles to or from Montana are calculated on a case-by-case basis. The cost may vary depending on the size of the car, weight, its working condition and any modifications, seasonal demand and type of transport.

You can find out the exact price and delivery time of the car by filling out our online form. There you can immediately arrange delivery. DA Shipping Auto Transport will provide the best service, reliable delivery and the best price in the industry.

Shipping cost list

Shipping From/ToCar TypesDistanceDelivery timeCost
Billings, MT - Chicago, ILCoupe1240 miles3-4 days$1015
Butte, MT - Portland, ORSedan660 miles2-3 days$699
Missoula, MT - Billings, MTSUV345 miles1-2 days$450
Miles City, MT - Spokane, WAMinivan680 miles2-4 days$750
Kalispell, MT - Miami, FLPickup2923 miles5-7 days$1845

Most asked questions

  • How much does it cost to ship a car? If shipping by open trailer it will be cheaper and it will depend on the type of your car and the distance to which address to be delivered. Prices can range from 30¢ to 90¢ per mile.

  • Our recommendation. It is better to trust a company that has experience and your car will be fully insured. If you drive yourself for long distances is not a good idea, anything can happen on the road and from the point of view of saving money is not a big difference.

  • Yes, you can put things up to 150 pounds in the trunk or in the back seat. If you want to load a full car, you can negotiate directly with the driver for a fee. The amount can range from $100 to $300 to avoid overweight. Please note that the driver is not responsible for your belongings.

  • The insurance covers your car from minor to major damage all the way. The driver must inspect your car before loading and give you a copy of the inspection. If your car has parts that are loose, they can fly away on the way. If you choose to transport in open trailer the insurance will not cover those loose or broken parts.

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