Transport Car to Another State

Transport Car to Another State

We'll tell you and show you how to move your car from state to state safely and quickly, using our company's example, which covers all 50 states.

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Wherever there are Roads

We transport cars across different states of America, regardless of the distance and popularity of the route. We cover all 50 states of America. In some states we can pick up your car and move it to any state in a short time, but there are also places that require a little more time and patience. We handle all customer requests that relate to car shipping and we do it with pleasure.

Types of Transportation

There are two types of stateside transportation.

Let's find out which one is best for you. Let's look at the first option.

Open Trailer - This option is suitable for ordinary transportation for which you do not need increased safety from cases such as weather conditions. This trailer will be the most affordable and time-efficient way to transport your car. This option is also suitable for oversized cars.

Enclosed trailer - this option is more suitable for expensive and exclusive cars. For which unforeseen damage or other harm is unacceptable.

Remember the choice is yours!

Transportation From the State

Transportation From the State

Obviously, the transportation of your car for you is a task with which you can not cope independently. That's why we exist, to help our customers move your cars from one state to another.

We help our clients to avoid certain difficulties and ensure that all our obligations are fulfilled.

The price from each state will be different and will also depend on the type of your car and where you need to be moved. We choose drivers who have room in their trailer for your vehicle and are planning on driving it to your location as soon as possible.

Prepare Your Car & Location

Prepare Your Car & Location

Before shipping, make sure that you have prepared your vehicle for transportation and have chosen a location from which to pick up your vehicle. Let's look at what you will need to do to do this.

The first is that your car must start and the driver can load it on the trailer without any problems, if this is not possible you will have to inform the driver in advance. The battery should be good enough to start the car and a reserve of gas in the tank to load and unload. Also if you want to move your belongings along with the car you will need to load so they do not interfere with the driver when loading.

The second is where your car will be picked up or delivered from. It is not always possible to do this near the customer's address

Transportation Details

Transportation Details

At first glance, transporting a car looks simple, but in fact it is not.

Before sending a driver to load the customer's car, we take into account the weight and size of the customer's car and then we determine which type of trailer can be used to transport the car.

The second important thing is for the truck driver to see if he can load the truck right at the customer's address. After that he coordinates all details with the customer about the process of loading the car so that everything goes safely both for the driver of the vehicle and for the customer.

A certain travel time is calculated in advance and agreed upon with the customer. It will also be possible to find out via the track system.

The third point is the final and no less important for both client and driver. It is important for the driver to unload in a safe place for the client, so that the client can check his car to make sure that nothing has happened to the car during transport.

Cost & Delivery Time

Cost & Delivery Time

Rates for shipping vehicles from one state to another are calculated on a case-by-case basis. The cost may vary depending on the size of the car, weight, its working condition and any modifications, seasonal demand and type of transport.

You can find out the exact price and delivery time of the car by filling out our online form. There you can immediately arrange delivery.

DA Shipping Auto Transport will provide the best service, reliable delivery and the best price in the industry.

Successful shipping

Each shipment is individual and limited to days. You can see our successful deliveries to our customers. We make every effort to make every customer happy and satisfied.

Shipping cost list

Shipping From/ToCar TypesDelivery timeCost
Spokane, WA - Chicago, ILCoupe3-4 days$970
Butte, MT - Portland, ORSedan2-3 days$699
Atlanta, GA - Fargo, NDSUV1-2 days$1450
Erie, PA - Miami, FLMinivan2-4 days$1490
Kalispell, MT - Miami, FLPickup5-7 days$1845

Most asked questions

  • To do this you just need to choose a transportation company that has experience and insurance for the transportation of cars. Select the type of trailer for your car and choose a date when your car will be ready for transportation. The rest will do for you all that you choose.

  • The question of price will depend not only on where-where it will be transported, but also on the type of your car. There are many other factors that affect the price. The client does not need to know this. You can quickly find out the price by using the form.

  • Open Trailer Transportation is the cheapest and most affordable way to transport your vehicle regardless of the distance and type of vehicle.

  • The insurance covers your car from minor to major damage all the way. The driver must inspect your car before loading and give you a copy of the inspection. If your car has parts that are loose, they can fly away on the way. If you choose to transport in open trailer the insurance will not cover those loose or broken parts.

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